Year: 2021

STAT+: Pharmalittle: Biogen considers layoffs amid poor Alzheimer’s drug sales; House Dems plan showdown on drug-pricing vote

Hello, everyone, and how are you this fine, sunny morning? The middle of the week has arrived, as you may know, so why not celebrate with a delicious cup of stimulation? After all, you made it this far, which is a likely sign of surviving another few days. And of course, no prescription is required, […]

Remdesivir reduces Covid hospitalizations when given early, study shows

Gilead’s Covid-19 drug remdesivir appeared to reduce hospitalizations by 87% in high-risk patients diagnosed early in the disease in a new study, the company said Wednesday. The new results, which were issued in a press release, could help shore up the perception that the medicine is effective. They also could boost hopes for the use […]

Listen: A reporter and a reader on rethinking how we gain weight

Research on excess body weight and obesity has long been predicated on the fundamental assumption that weight is gained based on a “calories in, calories out” equation. If you consume more calories than you expend, you gain weight, right?  Science reporter Gary Taubes and reader-turned-friend Nick Gulino are among a growing faction that says it […]

Opinion: Proposals to cap Medicare Part B payments will limit outpatient access to CAR-T

The revolutionary life-extending approach to treating cancer known as CAR-T is under threat from a quotidian source: policy proposals to limit Medicare reimbursement in the outpatient setting to the average sales price of the treatment plus a small addition for overhead. Chimeric antigen receptor T-cell (CAR-T) therapies have been changing the cancer treatment landscape. These […]

STAT+: Biogen’s Aduhelm sales slower than disclosed, forcing company to consider cost-cutting measures

Earlier this month, Biogen executives admitted publicly that the launch of Aduhelm, its treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, was going slower than expected. Privately, the company is facing a situation far bleaker than what it has publicly disclosed, forcing Biogen to consider cost-cutting measures, including layoffs. Just over 100 patients with Alzheimer’s had been infused with […]

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