Day: March 9, 2021

Avoiding a ‘gender recession’: New report details how the pandemic has impeded women’s STEMM careers

The pandemic has significantly impeded the careers of women in academic science, technology, math, and medicine fields, according to a new report. STAT spoke with Eve Higginbotham, chair of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine committee that wrote the report, about the significance of this negative trend in fields where women are already […]

STAT+: 6 former FDA commissioners push Biden to nominate a permanent chief

WASHINGTON — Six former FDA commissioners are urging President Biden to quickly nominate an FDA commissioner. The FDA, which plays a central role in the coronavirus pandemic, has been without a permanent commissioner since January and there’s no telling when that will change. Biden is already on track to nominate an FDA commissioner later in […]

STAT+: Pharmalittle: Covid-19 forces FDA to postpone inspections; pharma urges Biden to reject WTO proposal

Rise and shine, another busy day is on the way. We can tell it is busy because our short person is hunched over a laptop and furiously taking notes, while our official mascot is bounding about the grounds and barking at chirping birds, a sure sign of spring, yes? As for us, we are hunched […]

STAT+: STAT+ Conversations: An on-the-ground look at racial disparities in Covid vaccine distribution

Editors note: A livestream of the conversation will be embedded below at 1:00pm ET. Every week, STAT+ subscribers get access to exclusive conversations with biotech, pharma, and health tech leaders. This week, STAT’s director of photography and multimedia, Alissa Ambrose, will be joined by STAT investigative reporter Olivia Goldhill and visiting Nieman Fellow Bethany Mollenkof […]

STAT+: Is a leaderless FDA clamping down on drug reviews? Not knowing is weighing heavy on biotech

Seemingly overnight, the Food and Drug Administration appears to be taking a more risk-averse stance on drug reviews, leaving drug makers confused and their stock prices battered. Acadia Pharmaceuticals said Monday evening that it was notified by the FDA about “deficiencies” in its application for an expanded use for its anti-psychosis drug Nuplazid. The company […]

STAT+: As Takeda buys Maverick for up to $525 million, R&D chief promises an ‘inflection year’

Takeda on Tuesday announced that it is buying Maverick Therapeutics for as much as $525 million. The deal is a small one, but for R&D chief Andrew Plump, it represents a research and development transformation playing out at the company — and the beginning of the culmination of six years’ work. “To be honest with […]

STAT+: Biden’s silence on an FDA nominee underscores how tough it is to fill that job 

WASHINGTON — Nearly everyone here expected President Biden to move with record speed to nominate someone to lead the Food and Drug Administration. As the coronavirus pandemic raged, lobbyists, patient advocates and public health experts hypothesized the position would be one of the earlier picks. Biden nominated Xavier Becerra to lead the health department, for […]

With the ear of Joe Manchin, West Virginia hospitals helped secure billions in new Covid relief funds

WASHINGTON — West Virginia University Health System doesn’t have the name recognition of the Mayo Clinic or Massachusetts General Hospital. It doesn’t have the lobbying firepower in Washington, either. But this year, unexpectedly, the hospital chain and others in the state are part of the reason that rural hospitals across the country will get a […]

STAT+: With data on a cancer drug derived from red blood cells looming, Rubius Therapeutics seeks to shed its bumbling image

Rubius Therapeutics is the can’t-do-anything-right biotech spinout from the high-profile venture capital firm Flagship Pioneering. Moderna — Flagship’s runaway success story — it is not. But an opportunity for Rubius to improve its bumbling reputation — and continue a recent recovery in its stock price — looms. The company is preparing to disclose the first […]

Opinion: Barriers keep many primary care practices from vaccinating seniors

When news first broke in mid-December 2020 that the FDA had issued an emergency use authorization for a Covid-19 vaccine that was astonishingly effective, providers and staff at my clinic asked me in eager anticipation, “Will we be vaccinating seniors in our practice?” My answer, as the administrator of the practice, was simple and unequivocal, […]

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