Day: April 6, 2021

1 in 3 Covid-19 patients are diagnosed with a neuropsychiatric condition in the next six months, large study finds

Six months after being diagnosed with Covid-19, 1 in 3 patients also had experienced a psychiatric or neurological illness, mostly mood disorders but also strokes or dementia, a large new study shows. About 1 in 8 of the patients (12.8%) were diagnosed for the first time with such an illness, most commonly anxiety or depression. […]

STAT+: Fibrogen admits false heart-safety data for experimental anemia pill shared with FDA, investors

Fibrogen acknowledged Tuesday that the company has been touting false heart-safety data for its experimental anemia pill for at least two years — a shocking revelation that raises even more questions about the drug’s approvability. Shares of Fibrogen fell 27% to $25 in Tuesday’s after-hours trading session as investors questioned the credibility of the company’s […]

STAT+: A controversial court case in Brazil will tackle pharma ‘monopolies’ and access to drugs

After years of anticipation, the Brazilian Supreme Court is holding a hearing this week on a case that has pitted the pharmaceutical industry against consumer advocates over patent rights and the extent to which many prescription drugs are affordable. At issue is the constitutionality of a provision in the country’s intellectual property law allowing lengthy […]

Medical device firms’ payments to doctors far outstripped those from pharma, study shows

WASHINGTON — The medical device industry gave doctors consulting fees, lunches, lodging, and other incentive payments worth $904 million between 2014 and 2017, per a new study — more than $80 million more than the pharmaceutical industry lavished on physicians over the same time period. Experts told STAT that the findings, published Monday in Health […]

STAT+: California once again delays launch of a closely watched prescription drug purchasing program

For the second time this year, California officials have delayed a much-ballyhooed effort to start a program in which the state would negotiate prescription drug prices and create a vast, single bulk-purchasing system. But this time, it is unclear when the initiative will get off the ground. A notice on the California Department of Health […]

STAT+: Pharmalittle: EMA official says link exists between AstraZeneca Covid-19 shot and rare blood clots; Catalent to boost Moderna vaccine production

Top of the morning, and a fine one it is. Clear blue skies and a shiny sun are enveloping the comfy Pharmalot campus, where the short person is hunched over a laptop and the spirited official mascot is chasing varmints. As for us, we are firing up the trusty coffee kettle to brew more cups […]

STAT+: STAT+ Conversations: A conversation on how to find that elusive Covid-19 vaccine

Editors note: A livestream of the conversation will be embedded below at 1:15 p.m. ET. Sponsored By   Every week, STAT+ subscribers get access to exclusive conversations with biotech, pharma, and health tech leaders. This week, STAT senior infectious disease writer Helen Branswell will be joined by John Brownstein, chief innovation officer at Boston Children’s […]

STAT+: Boston’s hospital chiefs moonlight on corporate boards at rates far beyond the national level

As chief of Boston Children’s Hospital, one of the most esteemed pediatric hospitals in the world, Sandra Fenwick had outsized influence. After the pandemic struck last spring, she used that clout to lobby Massachusetts legislators for more money for telemedicine, a suddenly essential alternative to in-person visits. She also spoke glowingly about remote care during […]

STAT+: MIT scientists launch Future Founders Initiative to solve biotech’s ‘missing women’ problem

A group of prominent MIT scientists that formed to address gender inequities in the biotech industry released a report Tuesday that says male faculty at the school start companies at a higher rate than their female peers, and proposes a way to help close the gap. The report ― which comes after two years of […]

STAT+: There’s no point person in Biden’s HHS for its $186 billion Covid-19 fund for health care providers

WASHINGTON — Health care providers are eagerly awaiting billions of dollars from a Covid-19 relief fund. But President Biden’s health department has not yet tasked a point person with making final policy decisions on the program. Amid all the other pandemic-related issues the Health and Human Services Department is dealing with, much work remains on […]

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