Day: July 1, 2021

Listen: A CRISPR milestone, Biogen’s FDA saga, & George Yancopoulos on biotech in 2021

How much can CRISPR really do? Has the FDA been totally honest? And is it OK to mix and match Covid-19 vaccines? We cover all that and more this week on “The Readout LOUD,” STAT’s biotech podcast. First we talk to George Yancopoulos, head scientist at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, about the future of CRISPR genome editing […]

Researchers raise concerns about using genetic risk scores to pick ‘healthier’ embryos

As more people turn to in vitro fertilization for help with conceiving, a host of companies is capitalizing on the opportunity by offering screening services that allow hopeful parents to select embryos least likely to result in a baby with genetic abnormalities or life-threatening diseases. But in a report published Wednesday in the New England […]

STAT+: U.S. cancer drug prices were higher at launch than in three European countries — and just kept climbing

In the latest bid to compare drug costs, a new study finds that prices for dozens of cancer medicines were substantially higher when introduced into the U.S. market compared with three wealthy European countries — and they continued to climb at a rate faster than inflation over a decade. At the same time, the prices […]

STAT+: Pharmalittle: Glaxo under more pressure from activist investor; WHO urges Gilead to lower price of black-fungus drug

Hello, everyone, and how are you today? A shiny sun and delightful breeze are enveloping the Pharmalot campus this morning, where things have quieted down now that the short person has left for gainful employment and the official mascot is out and about. As for us, we are staring at the intimidating to-do list and […]

STAT+: Nestle Health Science will split profits from Seres microbiome drug, if it’s approved

Seres Therapeutics has announced a new deal with its long-time partner, Nestle Health Science, to bring Seres’ lead experimental microbiome drug to the U.S. market. That drug, SER-109, has been tested to treat the potentially lethal bacteria C. difficile. The deal, announced Thursday, is worth $175 million upfront, with more than $300 million more in […]

STAT+: In a new role at health tech startup Maven, Neel Shah wants to make sure pregnant people aren’t ‘lost’ 

When celebrated Boston OB-GYN Neel Shah first learned of the chance to help build a health platform that could impact hundreds of times more babies than he could ever deliver, he thought he had just the right person for the job. But after fully planning to recommend the position — as the first chief medical […]

Opinion: Something to celebrate: delivering vaccines to essential workers

Covid-19 vaccines are cause for celebration. Family members are reuniting, people are traveling and returning to restaurants. Yet many of the essential workers who have kept transportation running throughout the pandemic, who grow and cook food, and who fill the boxes that arrive on America’s doorsteps still have not been vaccinated. In mid-to-late May 2021, […]

Could editing the genomes of bats prevent future coronavirus pandemics? Two scientists think it’s worth a try

Amid the devastating Covid-19 pandemic, two researchers are proposing a drastic way to stop future pandemics: using a technology called a gene drive to rewrite the DNA of bats to prevent them from becoming infected with coronaviruses. The scientists aim to block spillover events, in which viruses jump from infected bats to humans — one […]

STAT+: Washington’s antitrust push could limit Amazon, Google’s health care ambitions

WASHINGTON — Washington is abuzz with an ambitious new antitrust effort to rein in the power of tech industry power players like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook — and the effort could limit their ascent in the health care industry. Tech companies are already major players in the health care space — think Amazon’s decision […]

STAT+: The biotech scorecard for the third quarter: 12 stock-moving events to watch

Here is STAT’s biotech scorecard, our regular ledger of stock-moving biotech events, for the third quarter: In May, Apellis Pharmaceuticals (APLS) secured U.S. approval for a drug called Empaveli to treat patients with a rare blood condition. The company is now looking to expand the use of the medicine to help people with geographic atrophy, […]

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