Day: July 26, 2021

STAT+: Pharmalittle: A race to develop Covid-19 pills is underway; Russian trolls target Pfizer vaccine

Good morning, everyone, and welcome to another working week. We hope the weekend respite was relaxing and refreshing, because the familiar routine of online calls and deadlines has, predictably, returned. But what can you do? The world keeps spinning, no matter how hard we try to slow it down. So to cope, we are firing […]

A new way to visualize the surge in Covid-19 cases in the U.S.

The month of July has seen Covid-19 cases in the United States increase at the fastest pace since last winter, marking the start of the latest wave of infections to afflict the nation. A new STAT analysis of Covid-19 case data reveals this new wave is already outpacing the spring and summer waves of 2020. […]

STAT+: Microbiome therapy companies face the fallout of failed Seres trial

A frost may be setting in across the microbiome therapeutics space after another clinical trial failure announcement from Seres Therapeutics, this time with an ulcerative colitis treatment. Not only has Seres’ share price has fallen more than 60% since Thursday, the stock prices of rival microbiome therapy makers Finch Therapeutics, Evelo Biosciences, and Kaleido Biosciences […]

Researchers analyzed 4,063 papers on tools to help guide care. Only 12 were replications

Clinical decision support is one of digital health’s great promises. Faced with a surplus of information about a patient’s history and symptoms, algorithms built into electronic health records can provide important alerts and reminders, automated prescription suggestions, and even diagnostic support — hopefully, helping patients receive the right care. But those systems don’t always hold […]

Opinion: 21 states give rare disease patients a seat at the table. The other 29 need to follow suit

A powerful movement is taking shape in the U.S. rare disease community that could transform the lives of millions of people. That’s right — millions. Even though a single rare disease may affect only a few individuals, there are several thousand of these problematic diseases that are difficult to identify and treat. Since 2015, 21 […]

Opinion: On menthol cigarettes, social justice theory shouldn’t trump science

This year, 45,000 Black Americans will die from tobacco-related illnesses. The same number will likely perish next year, and almost as many the year after that. Fully 85% of Black people who smoke got hooked on nicotine through menthol cigarettes, which mask the harsh taste of tobacco and other chemicals. Menthol exacerbates both addiction — […]

STAT+: Epic’s AI algorithms, shielded from scrutiny by a corporate firewall, are delivering inaccurate information on seriously ill patients

Several artificial intelligence algorithms developed by Epic Systems, the nation’s largest electronic health record vendor, are delivering inaccurate or irrelevant information to hospitals about the care of seriously ill patients, contrasting sharply with the company’s published claims, a STAT investigation found. Employees of several major health systems said they were particularly concerned about Epic’s algorithm […]

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