STAT+: CRISPR Therapeutics, Nkarta to jointly develop engineered natural killer cells as cancer treatments

Off-the-shelf treatments for cancer made from genetically engineered T cells and natural killer, or NK, cells have each shown promise in clinical trials. On Thursday, two biotech companies — Nkarta and CRISPR Therapeutics — announced a partnership that aims to merge the two immune-cell approaches together. The ultimate goal of the equal partnership formed by […]

STAT+: Massachusetts sues Publicis for designing ‘marketing schemes’ to boost OxyContin sales

The Massachusetts attorney general has filed a lawsuit against Publicis Health, one of the world’s largest health care communications companies, for allegedly designing and placing unfair and deceptive “marketing schemes” to help Purdue Pharma sell more of its OxyContin painkiller. The state claimed that, from 2010 through 2019, Publicis (PUBGY) collected more than $50 million […]

STAT+: Amazon Care signs first customer for burgeoning health business

Amazon Care signed its first enterprise customer this week, a significant milestone as the virtual-first health care platform looks to expand its footprint. The client, Precor, is a fitness business that was recently acquired by fitness technology company Peloton for $420 million in cash. Although small financially, the deal is a significant opener for Care, […]

STAT+: The U.S. opened pandora’s box on IP waivers for Covid-19 vaccines. What happens now?

In a surprising move, the Biden administration has said it will support a controversial proposal to temporarily waive intellectual property rights for Covid-19 vaccines in a bid to increase global supplies of desperately needed doses. The proposal, which was introduced before the World Trade Organization last fall by South Africa and India, would cover patents, industrial […]

STAT+: Dyno raises $100 million to bring artificial intelligence to gene therapy

Dyno Therapeutics, a Cambridge biotech that uses artificial intelligence techniques to develop gene therapies, said Thursday that it has raised $100 million from investors. The company uses machine learning to design a type of gene therapy “vector,” or carrier, aiming to make treatments that are easier to deliver and more effective. Dyno said the funding would […]

STAT+: In Belgium, too many clinical trial sponsors waffle about reporting required results

The results of more than one-fifth of clinical trials that were conducted in Belgium have not been reported to a European database more than a year after the studies were completed, according to a new analysis that adds to the evidence of problems with clinical trial transparency. More than a dozen of the largest trial sponsors […]

New analysis finds global Covid death toll is double official estimates

A new analysis of the toll of the Covid-19 pandemic suggests 6.9 million people worldwide have died from the disease, more than twice as many people as has been officially reported. In the United States, the analysis estimates, 905,000 people have died of Covid since the start of the pandemic. That is about 38% higher […]

STAT+: Pharmalittle: Biden supports WTO proposal on Covid-19 vaccine IP; Biogen Alzheimer’s drug is cost-effective at $2,500

Good morning, everyone, how are you today? We are doing just fine, thank you, as sunny skies and cool breezes envelop the unusually quite Pharmalot campus. Our short person is hunched over a laptop once again for another day of learning and our official mascot is snoozing away in a corner. All of which means […]

Pfizer and BioNTech to provide Covid-19 vaccine to Olympic, Paralympic delegations

Pfizer and its partner BioNTech announced Thursday that they would provide Covid-19 vaccine to all Olympic and Paralympic delegations headed to the Summer Games in Tokyo, vaulting them ahead of health workers, older adults, and others in countries struggling to acquire their own supplies. The goal is to provide two doses of vaccine to all […]

STAT+: Incyte pays $12.6 million to resolve claims it paid drug kickbacks through charity

Incyte (INCY) agreed to pay $12.6 million to settle allegations that donations amounted to kickbacks paid to Medicare patients as a way to cover their out-of-pocket costs, the latest in a growing list of drug makers to reach such a deal with the U.S. government. At issue is a federal law known as the Anti-Kickback […]

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