Children in rural areas face increasing barriers to pediatric care, study finds

Hospital beds for children with asthma, pneumonia, viral infections, and other serious illnesses have declined in the last 10 years, mainly in rural areas. In a new study published Monday in Pediatrics, researchers found that the percentage of U.S. hospitals with inpatient units for pediatric care decreased, as did the number of beds in units […]

STAT+: ‘Simply unacceptable’: Alzheimer’s Association blasts Biogen over the price of its new medicine

In harsh tones, the Alzheimer’s Association sharply criticized Biogen (BIIB) for the $56,000 price tag placed on its newly approved Alzheimer’s treatment, a move that threatens to embroil the biotech company and its medication in yet another national controversy. The patient advocacy group released a brief statement on Saturday calling the wholesale price “simply unacceptable” […]

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