Opinion: Justice for Sackler family members, not immunity

Your neighbor’s kid is still sitting in jail for selling heroin — to people who were initially hooked by OxyContin. Your friend who lost both her brother and niece to addiction fueled by the false notion that OxyContin was virtually nonaddictive still struggles with misplaced guilt over their tragic deaths. Your local support group leader has to pick and choose which funerals to attend; there are so many: more than 1 million families have now lost loved ones to overdose death since 1996, the year OxyContin was introduced.

So many of these tragedies may be traced back to one family, one company, one product and one lie: embers of the Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma, the company that makes and promoted OxyContin as a virtually non-addictive opioid painkiller. And, until now, they have seemed immune to the consequences.

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Opinion: Justice for Sackler family members, not immunity

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